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Video Studio in Charlotte, NC


Look no further if you’re looking for a video studio in Charlotte that offers professional services to help bring your creative vision to life. Whether you’re a budding influencer working on the latest YouTube vlog or an experienced videographer needing a top-notch facility and equipment for assigned projects, our state-of-the-art video production studio is here to provide the space and technology necessary for success.

We have everything from a professional studio to high-end equipment to more! Not only will our staff guide you while using its sophisticated studio features — they’ll also make expert recommendations when needed so you can turn your idea into reality. Learn more about what our video studio Charlotte has to offer below!

Video Production At A Professional Studio

The experience of collaborating at a professional video studio in Charlotte for the production of a video can be exciting and rewarding. Using their expertise and resources, filmmakers can bring their vision to life with fine polish in post-production.

Studio Sessions

In the studio, specialist equipment can allow for editing and visual effects that would not otherwise be possible, making even basic productions higher quality. Furthermore, on-site provides a more controlled environment so projects can be created more efficiently with fewer distractions or technical issues that may arise when shooting elsewhere.

Most importantly, working with experienced staff at a professional studio ensures that the highest quality standard is consistently maintained throughout any production.

Advertising Videos

If you want to produce an advertising video at a professional studio, there is no better choice than getting the highest quality. Not to mention the post-production and audio expertise available in a professional setting; these elements can go a long way in making sure your video stands out from the competition. As such, investing in video production at a professional studio to create an advertising video is well worth the cost of achieving success and gaining maximum impact.

Corporate Videos

Shooting corporate videos at a professional studio can make all the difference for businesses looking to shine and put their best foot forward. A polished video created in a professional setting will truly stand out from seminars and workshops to new product launches. In addition, professional studio production is well worth the investment for those looking for effective marketing solutions or engaging internal communications tools.

Social Media Videos

Creating high-quality video content is a great way to engage audiences online and build social media presence. A professional video production studio is the perfect way to ensure you capture the right content and visuals for your brand. Experienced producers will help create customized videos that effectively showcase all aspects of your company or product, whether it’s creating short clips or producing full-length vlogs.

Take A Virtual Tour Of The Studio

Have you ever wanted to explore a video studio but felt too intimidated to take the plunge? Well, now you can do so from the comfort of your home! Take a virtual video studio tour and feel like you’re there. Get familiar with the tools and equipment used in videos and practice your camera placement skills in an environment that looks and feels exactly like being on set.

You’ll soon have enough confidence to start creating your stunning videos — without fear of making mistakes! You can be as creative as possible with a virtual tour of a professional video studio without ever leaving your living room.

What Our Studio Features

Our studio provides a full range of facilities designed to make all stages of your project, from preparation to production and even post-production, a breeze. In addition, we are proud to offer the following features:

Spacious Space

At our studio, you’ll find what you need to make your vision come to life! We sit on an impressive 3,000 sq feet of production space that gives you plenty of room to work. Moreover, we’ve made sure to design the space to encourage creativity and open collaboration – from the custom-designed production area to the comfortable lounge areas, we have something for everyone.

Large Cyclorama Wall

Our stellar cyclorama wall, measuring 16ft x 14ft x 8ft, is an excellent feature of our studio that sets us apart. It’s the perfect size to get creative and take beautiful photos or videos. Not only is it large enough to fit groups, but its pristine white finish ensures that your shots have excellent definition and clarity.

Comfortable Client and Talent Lounge

Whether you’re visiting for a quick recording session or an extended shoot, our comfy client and talent lounge will make you feel at home. So relax on one of the plush couches while enjoying complimentary refreshments – because your experience is essential to us! Plus, with Wi-Fi access and many tablets and other devices, catching up on email or social media will no longer be a worry while working with us.

Video Monitoring

We know that having access to live-streaming and recorded videos is essential for any project, so we’ve made sure to equip our studio with the latest in high-tech video monitoring technology. This means you get top-of-the-line equipment at every step, enabling you to capture everything from your practice session to full production without worrying about skipping a beat or missing out on something important. 

10 FT Pulldown Garage Door

We feature a 10-foot pulldown garage door, so you never have to worry about not fitting all of your gear inside. This heavy-duty door allows for easy accessibility for both you and your equipment – perfect for any situation.

Videos Produced In Our Studio

At our studio, we understand the importance of video for businesses. Videos have become integral to a successful marketing strategy in today’s digital-first world. That said, videos only serve their purpose if appropriately created and supported by an effective marketing plan. That’s why we produce high-quality videos and tailor customized marketing strategies to ensure the best results for your campaign.

Case Study

CDS Visuals and Nicole Leininger, a realtor, have joined forces to take her business to new heights with creative video content, entertaining, educating, and capturing a wider audience. We have revamped her online presence and created branded media for her, and she has become an authoritative figure in her field with the help of videos. Thanks to the targeted keywords on her website, social media channels, and video scripts, Nicole is seeing increased organic leads from YouTube.

“I feel like he has really helped me take my business to the next level.”

Book Our Video Studio In Charlotte, NC

Are you looking for a video studio to book in Charlotte? Look no further! CDS Visuals offers top-notch services with our crew of technicians and equipment at the ready. So whether you’re looking to create music videos, commercial advertisements, or anything else, we have the resources to make your creative visions come alive. Booking is easy, too – get in touch with us to reserve a time slot at your convenience! So don’t wait – bring your projects and ideas to Charlotte’s best studio today.


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