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Maternity Photo Studio in Southend Charlotte, NC


If you are expecting a bundle of joy, capture the beauty and excitement of this special time with the maternity photo studio at the Southend Charlotte Studio in North Carolina. Our world-class photographers will ensure you get the best images to commemorate this once-in-a-lifetime moment in your life. 

From intimate boudoir sessions to outdoor family photos, Southend offers various customized services designed around each client’s needs and preferences. So book your session today and make sure to schedule plenty of extra time so our professional team can work closely with you during each shoot.

Maternity Photography At A Professional Studio

Pregnancy is a miraculous time full of joy, excitement, and anticipation. As your baby grows inside you for nine months, capturing those special moments in photographs can be an excellent way to capture this moment for eternity and memorialize the unique bond between mother and child. 

We’ll discuss some tips for taking fantastic maternity photos and different poses and photoshoot styles available. Read on to learn more about how you can create beautiful photographs of your journey into motherhood.

Studio Sessions

Studio sessions provide a comfortable, clean, and professionally lit environment to take stunning photos you will cherish forever. Working with an experienced photographer can help you feel at ease throughout the session, which leads to better pictures featuring natural expressions and poses. After your studio session for maternity photography, you will have beautiful photos that capture this particular time in your life.

Newborn Photography

Maternity-to-newborn photography packages are gaining popularity as families want to capture these special new moments for years to come. Newborn photography adds an extra layer of emotion to maternity photography and can be a fantastic way to recreate the moment a baby enters the world. From candid family shots to individual portraits of parents cuddling their newest bundle of joy, newborn photography can genuinely make lasting memories.

Family photography

Capturing the incredible beauty of maternity through photography is truly a memorable experience. Family maternity photography captures the anticipation and joy of expecting a new addition to the family. From finding the right location to setting up a comfortable and classic backdrop, every detail of your pregnancy shoot can be customized to express your unique story. Quality photographs will also help you reflect on this magical chapter in your life years later.

Take A Virtual Tour Of The Studio

Taking a virtual photography studio tour is the next best thing to seeing it in person, and it can be a great way to get familiar with the facilities. Whether you’re considering booking time in the Studio or just curious about what’s inside, a virtual tour gives you an intimate look from wherever you are. You’ll be able to appreciate everything from the color of the walls and flooring to lights, props, and backgrounds that can make all the difference for your next photo project. Plus, seeing how each element works together gives you an inside look at what makes this photography studio so unique.

What Our Studio Features

Our Studio strives to make every visitor feel welcome and inspired. So whatever you need help with, we’ve got you covered. We will discuss the features our Studio offers and how they can benefit your creative work process.

Spacious Space

Our Studio is perfect for all types of photography, from intimate portraits to large commercials. We have plenty of tools to help you achieve the exact look you’re going for. Additionally, we provide a variety of props, backdrops, and other photographic accessories so you can focus on creating picture-perfect shots made just for you. You don’t have to worry about feeling cramped or limited – Our 3,000 sq feet of production space gives you the ultimate freedom to create whatever your heart desires.

Large Cyclorama Wall

Our Studio features a large cyclorama wall that is perfect for any photography and film project. The wall stands at an awe-inspiring 16ft x 14ft x 8ft, and the vast cyclorama wall offers plenty of room for any project you may have in mind. Its seamless white surface allows photographers to adjust the light to their specific needs. Plus, it can create exciting perspectives and recolor objects, bringing textures and materials to life. So whether you want to flood it with colored gels or add immense backdrops, our cyclorama wall has all the space you need for your visual storytelling.

Comfortable Client and Talent Lounge

When you choose our Studio for your next project, you’ll be glad to know you can relax as soon as you walk in the door. Our comfortable client and talent lounge features plush furnishings, full kitchen access, a Studio directly next to parking availability, and an assortment of amenities. We take joy in ensuring everyone who visits us is cared for and comfortable while they create. We know it’s essential that our clients feel happy and energized during their time with us, so our goal is to ensure the experience begins the moment they step into our Studio.

Video Monitoring

Our Studio is equipped with 10G Fiber Internet and the latest innovations in videography and filmmaking, meaning that whatever you’re creating, we have you covered. Video monitoring is an invaluable tool for keeping your projects running smoothly. When installed and used correctly, it adds control and power over every aspect of your project. It can provide on-site feedback to make improvements as needed, increase efficiency by allowing multiple people to track event motion at once, and give access to a wealth of background knowledge in case any technical issues arise. Video monitoring can also monitor camera positions remotely, so no one needs to be constantly on set, significantly reducing labor costs.

10 FT Pulldown Garage Door

We’ve got you covered if you’re looking for a photo studio with all the features necessary to take amazing photos. Our photo studio features a 10-foot pulldown garage door which provides ample space to bring items or equipment you may need inside the Studio and allows you worry-free access. With our spacious area, natural light, props, furniture, and backdrops, you’ll easily create beautiful pictures.

Maternity Photo Gallery

A maternity photo gallery can provide a lasting reminder of the special moments leading up to the baby’s arrival, giving parents a cherished way to reflect on this vital time in their lives. Additionally, viewing the photos of other couples in similar stages of pregnancy can be an empowering way to celebrate motherhood and the upcoming arrival of a new family member. Finally, maternity photo galleries are an excellent resource for inspiration when selecting outfits, props, and poses that will result in beautiful and memorable images. 

Customers have given glowing reviews of CDS Photo Studio, demonstrating how effective the studio truly is for all your needs.

“Cameron and his team were a pleasure to work with! We had about 12 people involved in this shoot and the space was very comfortable. The CDS team was responsive and helpful with everything we needed. The space is great for productions where you need a space to have your clients/producers chill and watch a feed without being right up on your camera. Thanks again to the CDS team for being great to work with!! We’ll definitely be using this space again.”

Case Study

One example of a successful maternity photo studio is Little Memories Studio. Located in Los Angeles, Little Memories Studio offers special packages for expectant parents that capture the unique beauty of their pregnancy through professional photography and videography services. 

The photographers at Little Memories Studio pride themselves on providing an enjoyable experience while ensuring excellence in their work. They strive to create a relaxed atmosphere in every session, allowing parents to be comfortable and at ease. During the photo shoot, they will work with parents to suggest poses that bring out their style and add a unique flair to their photos.

At CDS Visuals, we can help you capture the magic of maternity with the highest quality photos. Our professional photographers know how to work with light and angles to create stunning images that will last a lifetime. You are guaranteed to get the best maternity shots that you will cherish forever.

Book Our Studio For Your Maternity Photography Session

CDS Visuals is the perfect business to capture maternity photos. Our skillful staff will help ensure gorgeous and timeless photographs that you’ll treasure for years. So when it comes time for your maternity photography session, look no further than CDS Visuals! We believe in developing lasting relationships with our clients and creating more than just beautiful images – we create unforgettable experiences that last forever. So contact us today, and let’s book your dream maternity session.


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