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Full Service Video Production Studio in Southend Charlotte, NC

Our video and photography studio features 3,000 sq feet of multi use space as well as 16ft x 14ft x 8ft cyclorama wall.

Perfect space for our video production! Cam and crew are awesome and the space has been designed with attention to the smallest details. If you're looking for a space to shoot in CLT, this is the one. Can't wait for our next session here!!



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What our studio features

spacious space

With 3,000 sq feet you can host large group photo or video shoots as well as customize the space to meet the needs of your production. 

Large cyclorama wall

Our 16 ft x 14 ft x 8 ft cyclorama wall you are able to get clean looking video clips with the infinity background look. We can also custom paint the cyc wall to meet the needs of your project. 

Comfortable client and talent lounge

We have all been there when you're sitting around waiting for the next scene; thats why we built a comfortable client lounge. With an 85" tv, gaming system and ample seating your talent is able to relax while they wait for their next scene.

video monitoring

With two TV's placed around the studio, you have the ability to send out up to four camera angles for your talent and client to view. 

10 ft pulldown garage door

Unload your equipment directly inside our studio. With access to a 10 ft garage door. 

 Projects Produced in Our Studio

PeaceKeyper: YouTube Ads

PeaceKeyper is a self defense tool that used our studio to produce video content around their new product. They did a m

Snap Show: Suspect

Jeb and his team were looking for a space that could bring attention to the story. By utilizing our white CYC wall they were able to achieve that. 

All In For Kids Campaign

Communities and Schools of Charlotte, NC were looking for a space to film quick testimonials that had a clean look. Our studio provided the space and production. 

Awesome space! Cameron (the owner) and his staff were super attentive and welcoming. I requested the wall be painted a specific shade of blue and they matched it perfectly. Somebody was always there to help if we needed, but they were in their office doing their own thing not being a distraction which was amazing. We had the space to ourselves, and there is plenty of space to spread out/throw on longer lenses and not feel crammed in at all which I can’t say about other local studios. Lastly, tons of extras here you won’t find anywhere else. Cameron has built in wall mounted HDMI inputs to run to multiple different TVs for clients to monitor, quality ceiling mounted bicolor LED panels, surround sound speakers to play music, and tons more. Definitely will be keeping this space in mind for future projects!

Cameron GLenn


Dog Training Course

Cameron Glenn, Skyvisions USA

Cameron was looking for a space where they could create a unique environment for this course. Custom painting the CYC wall along with lining the floor with turf they were able to create a unique look and feel for their production. 

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